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Fused Glass   CLOSED

There are many forms of Glass Art.  Fused Glass is one of them.  The basic idea behind fused glass is melting pieces of glass together until they fuse into one piece in a kiln.  This is achieved by bringing the temperature slowly up to about 1000 degrees.  This may take 12 hours or more to fuse and another 10 hours to cool down slowly, which is called annealing, which  makes the glass strong and durable.

Slumped Glass  CLOSED

This is achieved by placing a flat piece of glass over a mold and heating until it slumps or drapes over the mold.  This usually takes the glass up to about 1200 degrees.

Fused Glass

Class Details

Individualized teaching

Classes are 3 hours long

All students get one-on-one with instructor

Included materials:      

  • You will need to purchase glass from me
  • I have tools to use in our classroom


All Fused and Slumped Classes are Closed

Until Further Notice.



$45 per 3 hour class

Includes one-on-one teaching

How to Register

Call: 805.683.7763

Cell:  805.895.2993

E-mail (Preferred) :


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